The California Environmental Health Tracking Program: Improving Public Health With Better Information

admin/ June 12, 2020

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Welcome to the California Environmental Health Tracking Program (CEHTP) web portal. We are working to improve public health by delivering science-based information on the trends and distributions of diseases, environmental threats, and the often complex relationship between them.  


Find data and information about health, the environment, and other special topics. Create your own tables, charts, and maps.

Tools and Services

Explore web tools designed to help researchers, practitioners, and the public in using data. Topics include pesticide use, traffic, and more.

Background Concepts

Want information about how to use and understand the data? Review concepts in Tracking, statistics, environmental health, and more.


The California Environmental Health Tracking Program (CEHTP) is a program within the California Department of Public Health and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CEHTP is part of a larger initiative to establish Environmental Public Health Tracking systems at the national and state levels. Learn more about our program, past and current activities, the Tracking Implementation Advisory Group, and other program-related topics.

What does CEHTP do with data?

Environmental health surveillance systems can play a key role in reducing environmentally-related disease.  The ability to link health and environmental data can be crucial in understanding relationships between specific hazards and health outcomes.  However, environmental or health data by itself still plays an essential role in public health.  This data can help Californians to understand issues of community vulnerability, asset allocation, and prevention for many conditions about which environmental links are already known. In this spirit, CEHTP seeks to promote the utility and dissemination of health and environmental information.

Other resources

There are many agencies and organizations that provide information about topics related to environmental health and Tracking. We have compiled a list of resources, along with descriptions and links, that may be of interest.

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