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In June 2019, Facebook published a plan to develop its Libra cryptocurrency. It can provide access to 2 billion people worldwide for financial services. And its reserves will reach $200 billion. But regulators can “reject” the project and break Zuckerberg’s dreams.

Since June 2019, Facebook's Libra has not left the front pages of the media. Zuckerberg literally brought the world out of hibernation, promising Libra stablecoin to two billion users of the social network. Regulators rebelled against him in almost all countries of the world. And now the authorities are thinking how to prevent an innovative project.

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Libra has great potential. Stablecoin reserves can contain up to $200 billion. And this is more than the market capitalization of bitcoin ($185 billion on September 16, 2019). In addition, the launch of a coin from such a giant as Facebook will give a positive signal that the crypto-industry is already ripe for serious money and is quite ready to compete with traditional financial markets.

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As often happens with high-profile projects, on Libra, everyone began to parasitize. Fraudsters have already opened the “pre-sale” of Facebook cryptocurrencies, and crypto-media are actively circulating fake and unverified news about the project.

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